3D Secure Payzen

3D Secure is included in PayZen offers, provided that your bank is enrolled 3D Secure. PayZen registers you in the 3D Secure program, named "the 3D Secure enrolment". This enrolment consists in declaring your website to the Visa and MasterCard networks.

By accepting this kind of authentication, you can put the different logos "Verified by Visa" or "MasterCard SecureCode" on your website, thereby giving information to internet users. The logos 3D Secure are directly downloadable on our website (click here) .

How does 3D Secure work?

3D Secure is named by Visa: Verified by Visa , and by Mastercard: MasterCard SecureCode. It deals with a banking process which ensures a high level of security for online payments. The aim of 3D Secure is to protect merchants against fraud by guaranteeing  the cardholder's identity.

Both the merchant and the cardholder are enrolled in the 3D Secure program by their respective banks.

The 3D Secure process implies one more step when the customer pays: the cardholder's authentication. This extra step comes just after the customer filled in his card details.

The customer is redirected to his bank's 3D Secure page and asked for one personal and independent information. The kind of information is specific to each bank. Most of the time, a text message with a unique code is sent to the cardholder. The latter gives this code on the bank's secured page in order to definitely confirm the payment.

Selective 3D Secure

The selective 3D Secure is only available in option with your bank's agreement. From the PayZeb back office, this functionality allows to decide when the 3D Secure is enabled (amount, IP address, mobile connection, country...).


Banks enrolled in the 3D Secure program

PayZen ensures the 3D Secure link with the following banks:

Banque Postale - Banque Populaire - Caisse d´épargne - BNP Paribas - Crédit Agricole - Crédit Lyonnais - HSBC - CIC -  Société Générale - Crédit du Nord -  Elavon -  Concardis