Postfinance Card

carte pour le marché suisse

The postfinance debit card is the most widely used in Switzerland for e-commerce. It allows to pay in Swiss Franc (CHF) or in euros. From now on, PayZen integrates Postfinance in its available payment cards.

Multi-card payment

innovation paiement multicarte

Thanks to PayZen, you can allow your customers to pay with different means of payment (gift card + French CB or Paypal + Mastercard...) for a same shopping cart. (See Multi-card payment video)

Back office functionalities

    • Notification center: The merchant can configure the notifications sent by PayZen; whether by e-mail, by SMS or through server URL;  the sending criterias and the recipients (customer, merchant...).
    • Geolocation of the customer : In one click, the merchant can locate the buyer's shipping address with Google maps.
    • Configuration of reports : In order to make accounting easier to manage and to better suit your needs, the back office allows to configure the content and the periodicity of your reports.
    • Fraud control : The merchant can manage grey lists according to country, IP address, card number and BIN codes.
    • Research « Full text » : This option is an essential tool for important merchant in order to gain reactivity and time. It allows you to have a better access to your information. One word is enough to launch a search.

Interactive Voice Response

innovation Interactive voice serverPayment through the Interactive Voice Response allows customers to pay through a secured phone call.  Information (card details) is managed in a PCI DSS certified environment.
This system has been developed for PSA Peugeot / Citroën and is available as an option for  merchants.

New means of payment

Innovation paiement par carte cadeauNew means of payment are regularly introduced in the online payment market. PayZen integrates them to offer merchants a broader choice.
This year, PayZen has focused on Multi-card payment (payment of a same shopping cart with different means of payment), gift cards such as Ceridian and merchant contracts in foreign currencies.


international payment solutionOver the past few months, PayZen has been launched in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg, completing the European PayZen offer.
Partners: Elavon, Crédit mutuel CIC Benelux, Postfinance, Concardis/ First data