What is a payment solution?

Before choosing a payment solution, it is important to understand how it works.

A payment solution aims at:

  • Ensuring security of e-transactions (PCI-DSS, TSL, 3D Secure)
  • Managing your e-transactions (authorizations, file transfers)
  • Proposing several means of payment all in one place
  • Synchronizing the Secured Payment Platform with your website

A payment solution contains:

  • Different means of payment
  • A back office access (management tool of e-transactions)
  • Types of payments (Manual input, by e-mail, by web services...)
  • A payment plugin (open source, shopping cart...)


How does it work with HTTPS?

The internet user fills his shopping cart on the e-commerce website.  When the customer pays, the payment request is transmitted to the payment platform (PayZen) using HTTPS.

The customer enters his card details on the PayZen secured payment page (each data is transmitted with TLS encryption). The payment platform asks the merchant's bank to ensure the validity of the customer's card (3D Secure authentication and authorization request).

If the payment is refused, the customer is informed.
This diagram explains the process the internet user follows on PayZen from the validation of the shopping cart to the outcome of his payment .


How does it work with web services?

The steps the internet user follows are the same as for HTTPS. Only the action between the e-commerce website and PayZen changes. Everything is set during the configuration of the website.