Multi-card payment

This type of payment allows the internet user to pay a same shopping cart with different means of payment, with a gift card and a bank card.

Interactive Voice Response

Payment through the Interactive Voice Response allows customers to pay through a secured phone call.  Information (card details) is managed in a PCI DSS certified environment.

Payment by e-mail

This type of payment allows the merchant to send an e-mail to his customer with a hyperlink which directly leads to a secured payment page which can be pre-filled by the merchant through the back office.

Advanced multiple payment

This payment option allows to adjust, modify and/or cancel the terms of a transaction (amounts and dates).

One click Payment

This type of payment allows the internet user to create an account with his card details on the online shop. Once this step is covered,  the customer just has to enter his credentials to make the next purchase.

Recurring payment

This type of payment allows the merchant to automate recurrences or to send a file to PayZen.

Advanced customization

This option allows  a complete customization of the payment page and e-mails (with CSS, templates) from the PayZen back office.

Multi-user management

This option allows to add/modify/cancel back office users and define all the user rights.

Multi-shop management

You can manage several shops with the same back office access. You only have one interface to manage as many shops as you have.

Fraud detection tool

This option allows to monitor risky e-transactions according to different criteria you defined. For more information

Selective 3D Secure

You can choose to activate or not the 3D Secure for each payment, according to criteria you decided:

    • Transaction amount
    • Payment support (Mobile, desktop computer…)