Security of banking information

PCI DSSS certification

PCI DSS is a set of standards established by Visa Master Card.

Compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is vital for every entity manipulating banking data, because nothing is more important than maintaining  your customer’s banking information confidential.

A yearly audit is performed to ensure a maximum level of security.

Lyra Network, who developped PayZen, is PCI DSS certified; thereby ensuring that its online payment solution is highly secured and reliable.

Lyra Network's actions toobtain the PCI DSS certification

  • Continuing investment in a PCI DSS compliant information system
  • Procedures implementation to formalise the tasks bound to security of the production sites and of the information system
  • Operating of Hardware Secure Module cards dedicated to encryption and decryption.

What does PCI DSS bring to Lyra Network?

  • Risk monitoring
  • It conferes us a mature vision of our information system
  • It gives us a long-term competitivity against companies who give priority to profit rather than security.