• For customers

PayZen pays the highest attention to the security of e-transactions and to the protection of personal datas, so as to ensure merchants' comfort and internet users' trust. Security is PayZen's number one priority.

PayZen guarantees an optimal level of security thanks to its PCI DSS 2.0 level 1 certification and to the use of TLS process (encryption of every information transmitted during the transaction)). Card details are never visible or communicated to anybody, even merchants.

PayZen exclusively offers internet payment  services. For every commercial dispute or problem related to delivery,please contact the concerned website or the bank.


  • For e-merchants:

Before choosing an online payment solution, be sure it proposes secured payments, PCI DSS certified (mandatory certification) and Visa Merchant Agent .

You can also highlight the security of e-transactions on your website, displaying a dedicated page or a PayZen logo.  Find examples here. This tends to reassure your future customers.

Find bellow our different certifications for a 100% secured payment.

Secured payment 3D Secure We obtained "3D Secure payment" certification in April 2009 for connection to each French bank, Evalon Europe, Elavon Brazil, Concardis (Germany), Cielo (Brazil), Redecard (Brazil). To better understand the stakes of secured online payment: 3D Secure Payment page
Secured payment by PCI DSS PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certification: renewed in 2012 by the yearly audit. Discover what the certification PCI DSS is here.
Payment secured VISA merchant Visa Merchant Agent certification (yearly process): e-transactions are processed according to VISA's security directives.
For more information about payment secured by Merchant Agent VISA


How we help you to control fraud:

  • 3D Secure

To better understand the aim of 3D Secure or to know more about how it works: 3DS secured payment page.

Available option:

Selective 3D Secure: configuration of the 3D Secure in the contribution

  • Fraud detection tool

This tool allows e-merchants to configure several grey lists based on his appreciation.

The available grey lists offer to check the following criterias: country, IP address, card number, BIN code.

It also allows the geolocation of the buyer in one clik.

You can control the coherence between: the country of the IP address, the country of the shipping address and the country of the card number.